Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go-Ped- Light Weight and Economic

Introduced as early as the1985s the Go-peds are the smallest and lightest scooters available. Excellent for regular commuting, its extreme light weight makes it convenient for carrying it even several flights of steps. In fact, most of the models are so small that carrying it with you anywhere won't be a problem. These have gained much popularity in the recent years and many come with fitted lithium ion battery. The battery operated ones can reach a speed of almost 18-20 miles per hour in the turbo mode while saving you the hassles of public transport. The Go-Peds will surely give you the freedom to move at your own pace and convenience. There are some others that run on lead acetate but the lithium ion ones come with a better battery life.

Fun and safe, the Go-peds are practical and convenient. These electrical and self powered transport devices are a favorite personal transport device for many. Cost efficient and eco-friendly, these are used by students, college kids and office goers all alike. They also come with a variety of accessories and apparel like the go-ped bag, tow-ped which is device meant for towing, go-gear which has the gloves, jackets, jerseys and even t-shirts and other accessories. You can have a complete set with your Go-Ped. The tires of the vehicle are generally 10 inches in diameter. It is completely hassle free and there is no tension of parking the stuff; in fact you can simply carry it with you. Cost efficient to run, you will regularly enjoy a clean and safe ride to your desired destination every day. These are simple, unique and versatile with an equally sleek design.You will also get the turbo mode along with the economy mode- so you get the freedom to choose the one best suited for you. There are some available that have a higher power and are quite appropriate for covering longer distances.

Sturdy and durable the Go-peds are definitely the best choice that you can make. Extremely eco-friendly and cheap on your pocket, you won't have the tension of increasing petrol bills- no matter how much you travel. Some of these also come with hill climbing facility. The weights of these are generally between 45- 55 lbs and thus are convenient to carry around. The other major features of these vehicles are that they come with zero emission and are almost soundless. With a good ground clearance and heavy duty rear axle you will always get a smooth ride. You can take a look at these vehicles at from the comfort of your home. You will get plenty of designs to choose from and they will be shipped to you for free.